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"Cozy HOUSE"

(patchwork + home textiles)

Курсы кроя и шитья школа портновского ма
Курсы кроя и шитья школа портновского ма

Duration of training

on a specialized course for beginners

"Cozy HOUSE" : 3 months  (12  classes for 4 hours).



  • Introduction.

  • Organization of the workplace in the process of cutting and manufacturing garments.

  • Observance of safety rules.

  • Equipment, tools and devices, materials.

  • Manual and machine seams.

  • WTO rules and withdrawal.

Курсы кроя и шитья школа портновского ма

Module 1. "Exquisite bedding"

  • Acquaintance with types and forms of sets of bed linen and a dimensional grid. Materials and fabrics for bed linen (preferably natural: cotton, linen, satin, silk, knitted and terry).

  • Characteristics of the technical and technological process of making a set of bed linen.

  • Construction of a pattern and calculation of a expense of fabric taking into account shrinkage.

  • Preparation of fabric for cutting.

  • Cutting and joining of details of products, ways of processing. End of work. WTO and care for the finished product.

  • Production of a pillowcase (with a smell (valve), on a lightning (2 types: usual and secret), on ties, on buttons, in Oxford style "with ears", French "with a ruffle").

  • Production of a sheet (classical, on an elastic band knitted, terry).

  • Production of a duvet cover (with a slot in the center, on the side with a zipper, buttons, ties).

Курсы кроя и шитья школа портновского ма
текстиль для дома
домашний текстиль курсы шитья школа порн

Module 2. "Beautiful curtains"

  • Familiarity with types (light, transparent, dense on a lining and different lengths: short and long), styles (classical, Roman, French, Japanese)  and forms of curtains and accessories to them (pelmets, pickups, brushes, "bando" (rigid), "swagi" (semicircular), "de jabo" (ties). Fashionable curtains for living room, bedroom, children's room, kitchen, office.

  • Materials for the manufacture of curtains.

  • Characteristics of the technical and technological process of making curtains of different types.

  • Construction of a pattern and calculation of a expense of fabric.

  • Preparation of fabric for cutting.

  • Cutting and joining of details of products, ways of processing. End of work. WTO and withdrawal.

  • Production of classic curtains (can be supplemented with different types of accessories).

  • Production of curtains on loops (2 types: on long and short loops, with internal loops), on ties (short narrow and wide long with bows), production of blinds on eyelets (installation of eyelets).

  • Production of curtains of different types to choose from (behind the scenes, curtains "cafe", Japanese, Austrian, French, Roman, Italian.

  • Production of lambrequins (soft, hard, simple, difficult, combined, jabot).

курсы шитья печворк

Module 3. “Manufacture of products with patchwork elements, in patchwork technique.

Home decor »

  • T ehnolohycheskye Features Production of products in Quilting Technique (patchwork, kvylt, loskutnaya mosaics, Quilting shytё). Artistic processing of textile materials in patchwork technique. Characteristics of technological properties of materials, equipment, tools and devices for work in patchwork. Types of drawings, motifs in patchwork technique, their combinations. Color scale, selection of elements, their combinations. Features of geometric shapes in patchwork products.

  • Making patterns (squares, rectangles and triangles from squares, rhombuses, as well as more complex geometric shapes for a given motif). Methods of cutting parts of the product, methods of stitching the cut parts by hand and on a sewing machine ("garland", "chain", "spiral", blocks of stripes, squares, triangles, their combinations). Stretching of details of products, fashionable technique "sashiko". Elements of application in patchwork products, "ottomans" in patchwork technique. WTO and patchwork care rules.

  • Production of a set for kitchen: a set of tack, a tablecloth-napkin or a set of napkins (variations in the form, color decisions, the sizes)

  • Production of a decorative pillow in patchwork technique

  • Production of a product in patchwork technique to choose from: a decorative panel, a patchwork blanket, thermo-covers for a teapot, supports under hot, various organizers in patchwork technics for the house, etc.


мастер-класс печворк
лоскутное шитье Курсы кроя и шитья школа

Module 4. "Furniture covers"

  • Features of technology of production of covers for furniture. A set of materials for the manufacture of furniture covers (durable dense fabrics, soft, elastic, etc.)

  • Measurement rules for furniture. Definition of geometric shapes, combinations of product details. Construction of the reduced drawing-pattern of the future product. Calculation of fabric, cutting and ways of processing of details of a product in tailoring of covers for furniture. Tailoring, WTO and care of furniture covers.

  • Production of pillows-seats on chairs, capes on chairs (different sizes, forms).

  • Production of covers for upholstered furniture.

  • Production of covers for country furniture.

  • Production of sides in a nursery, soft sets "backrest-seat", etc. to choose from.



Proposal for discussion

Decorative pillows, bedspreads.

Kits for a children's room.

Toy pillows.

Textile doll in the interior (interior doll).


Covers for clothes, ironing board, sewing machine, etc.…   many, many things at will with the use of acquired knowledge, skills and abilities in the process of studying the basic course "Cozy Home".

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