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Underwear course

Lesson plan

course "UNDERWEAR"


   Introductory lesson. Materials science.

  1. Construction of the base of the cup.

  2. Construction of the basic basis of the camp.

  3. Cup modeling: oval with one indentation; bracelet; drop; crescent and shape for large and very large breasts based on a straight bottom line.

  4. Curve. Two ways of processing in technology of tailoring of linen.

  5. Cutting, tailoring and landing of the basic base of the bust.

  6. Technology of tailoring of a bra with a soft cup according to the chosen model.

  7. Practical lesson on sewing a bra with a soft cup.

  8. Basic design of pants. Removal of measures. Construction and tailoring technology.

  9. Modeling of the basic basis of briefs (women's and men's swimming trunks).

  10. Bra sewing technology with molded cup.

  11. Layout of the cover and the mill under the molded cup.

  12. Tailoring a bra with a molded cup.

  13. Body.

  14. Construction and sewing technology.

  15. Leggings.

  16.   Construction and sewing technology. Men's boxer briefs and women's shorts.

+ Bonus (a set of patterns of patterns with gradation on the dimensional grid). 

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