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It is better to SEE once than to HEAR 100 times!

No need

buy a cat in a bag!

Come for a free trial lesson or a tour of any group in

Tailors School of Tailoring and Design .

You can attend at least ALL the trial lessons!


A trial lesson is a good opportunity

"check the battle"!

The trial lesson is a full-fledged FREE 2-hour lesson.


It is VERY IMPORTANT for us that your EXPECTATIONS coincide with REALITY!

Trial lesson does not oblige YOU to anything! You start studying only if you LIKE EVERYTHING - the conditions and atmosphere at school, the teacher and the program of the chosen course.


What to take with you

for a Trial Lesson?

You should take with you to the trial lesson:

notebook A-4 in a cell, good mood

and a burning desire to learn to sew!

Долгожданный старт уникального курса _Шелковая флористика_ (европейская и японская техники
Школа портновского мастерства и дизайна «Tailors School»
курсы кроя и шитья Киев
курсы кроя и шитья Школа Портных
Курсы шитья Киев
ПРАВО ВЫБОРА _Нет необходимости покупать «кота в мешке»! • Если Вам сложно сделать первый
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