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Exquisite needlework courses

Frivolite is a very exquisite art, aerobatics in the world of needlework. This is a French handmade lace that has no machine, factory equivalent. 
It is a graceful fragile beauty, a magic that begins where everyday life ends. 

And the level of difficulty

"FRIVOLITE art for beginners"

  • Duration of training - 8 weeks.   

     (8 lessons of 4 hours = 32 hours).

  • The cost of training  - 160 UAH / hour.

  • The total cost of the course is UAH 5,120.

(* the price includes all consumables: beads, threads and 2 shuttles made of natural wood. And it's not just tools, each shuttle is a work of art, a real treasure, handmade and 100% quality guarantee).


фриволите курс для новичков
фриволите курс для новичков

Course teacher Olga Sivovok

(author of the course "Frivoli te for beginners" and "Such different threads").

фриволите курс для новичков

ІІ  level of difficulty

“The Art of FRIVOLITE. Aerobatics »

  • Duration of training - 6 weeks.   

     (6 lessons of 6 hours = 36 hours).

  • The cost of training  - 200 UAH / hour.

  • The total cost of the course is UAH 7,200.

     (* the price includes all consumables)

фриволите курс для новичков
фриволите курс для новичков

Each of the first five classes is devoted to new material.

One lesson - one thread - one product.

Two classes are devoted to jewelry gold weaving.

The aim of the course is to try to work with different materials - from the simplest and most obvious, to those that are difficult to work with and that perhaps not everyone will decide on. And still, to learn to select for the products materials independently, leaning against the received knowledge.

фриволите курс для новичков
фриволите курс для новичков

“The art of frivolity. Aerobatics "is the second most difficult course, in which Olga shares her own developments in lace weaving and teaches to work with different materials. The course is designed for those who already have experience in weaving, however, do not stop there and want to grow in this art professionally.

    I would like to clarify at once that this is not a series of master classes on five separate ornaments. This is a course in which, on the example of five ornaments, consistently moving from simple to complex, we will delve into the intricacies of working with different types of threads. This means that we will start work differently, finish it differently, tighten knots and rings differently, wind the thread on the shuttle differently and even weave different decorations with shuttles of different designs, depending on the characteristics of the materials and the delivered tasks.  


     In the sixth, final lesson, you will learn what else you can weave lace from and how to choose materials for your future jewelry.

фриволите курс для новичков
фриволите курс для новичков

In addition to the above, the course "Frivolite. Aerobatics ”is an opportunity to smooth out the roughness of your technique for those who have learned to weave frivolity on their own. 

фриволите курс для новичков

Creative course on frivolity

"Drawing lace"

When you try to weave your first pattern of tatting, you will be surprised to find that many of the possibilities of this lace are still beyond you. Until you draw this pattern with your own hand, calculate it, turn what turned out in your hands, and maybe completely move away from the original sketch, you only see the tip of the iceberg. Weaving according to ready-made schemes gives only a superficial understanding, and what is lace tatting, even if your experience in weaving has years.

курс фриволите киев.jpg
курс фриволите обучение Киев.jpg

A course to start with. But due to the fact that we have all learned differently and the skill has already been acquired, we will start from the point of your path where you are now. Whether you've only taken a beginner's course or been knitting lace long enough, if you need to express yourself in this art in a way that only you and no one else can do, THIS COURSE IS FOR YOU.


And of course, it's not just about frivolity, despite the fact that it is entirely dedicated to lace. The knowledge you gain here is applicable to any creative activity that will be close to you and that you will deal with in your life.

серьги фриволите курс киев обучение.jpg
фриволите обучение в Киеве.jpg
курс плетения фриволите.jpg

What will happen on the course?


First of all, we will draw a lot, through improvisation on the one hand and deep comprehension of the form on the other to go beyond the familiar patterns. We will devote a significant part of our time to the artistic side of the issue and compositional literacy. We will study all this as much as possible through practice, in our own works. And watch how in your hands any topic becomes not another border, but an occasion for creativity.


At the same time we will weave no less. Since the main task of the course is still to learn to embody their drawings in lace. In this regard, a huge topic that will run through the entire course from start to finish will be working with different types of materials.


In the second half of the course we will approach the creation of our own creative work, where together we will go from the idea, through the creation of a sketch, selection of materials, to its implementation.


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