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Lilia Kilderova (Sobkevich)

course teacher:

"Cozy HOUSE";  Everything for the BABY "  

"HandMade + Basics of cutting and  sewing "(course for children)


  • National Pedagogical University named after MP Драгоманова

  • Specialty: "Pedagogy and methods of secondary education. Work training"

  • Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor.

  • Author-developer of the program "Decorative patchwork", educational and methodical complexes, programs of specialized disciplines.

  • Participant of international and national conferences devoted to the study of problems of development of the subject area "Technology".

курс крою та шиття домашній текстиль печворк.JPG

Antonina Baranova


course teacher:

  • "Clothes for pets"

  • "Children's Clothing"

  • "Outerwear"

  • "Easy START" - a basic women's wardrobe

  • "Technical drawing"

  • "Fashion & Sports" (knitwear)


  • Donetsk Institute of Clothing Design and Modeling.

  • Ukrainian Academy of Engineering and Pedagogy (UIPA)

  • STEP Computer Academy (Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator)

  • Professional Style Advanced Training Center

  • School "BOSTON" - Photo courses and course "The Art of Makeup"



Winner of the competition "The best emblem of the T-shirt" EURO - SPORT 2012 "- Shakhtar football club.


Development of a sportswear collection for FC Shakhtar.


1st place at the All-Ukrainian competition "Beauty Extravaganza" Kyiv in the nomination "Nout-couture" - Collection of evening dresses "Steppe Hellas".


1st place in the competition "Style and Fashion" Donetsk. Collection of swimwear for the company "Saxes".


Development of author's programs:

  • "Technical drawing. Sketch for fashion designers »

  • "Cloth pin, oblique cut, screw cut"


Development of methodical manuals:

  • "Belt clothes"

  • "Clothing terminology"

  • "Zero Waste - Zero cut"  

Development and holding of master classes:

  • Pin method  clothes on a mannequin

  • Screw oblique cut

  • Dry and wet felting of toy wool


  • Development of the collection and launch into production for designer brands: Anastasia Rosina and Daria Chuprina.

  • Development and production of a collection of children's dresses for the brand "Konfetka".

  • Development and tailoring for presenters on the KRT TV channel in Donetsk

  • Development and implementation of a series of carnival costumes for adults and children for the agency "7 Wonders".

  • Development of a series of technical packages in cooperation with Ukrainian designers to launch the production of designer clothing.

  • Development of clothing designs and bags for dogs for TM "Golden Bone".


Illustrations for a series of books about fashionable clothes:

"The best models of modern clothing for women"

"Modern models of women's skirts"

"Modern models"

"1000 tips for cutting and sewing"

"Encyclopedia of Knitting" (BAO)


Publication of the author's book "Practical guide to creating clothes" (publishing house "Navigator Plus").


Mentor and member of the jury of the International competition of young designers New Fashion Zone.

Методичний посібник.jpg
школа шиття участь у конкурсах дизайнерів одягу тайлор скул.jpg

Elena Isakova 

course teacher:

  • "Children's Clothing"

  • "Outerwear"

  • "Easy START"

basic women's wardrobe

  • "Fashion & Sports" (knitwear)

  • «Magic Design»

(speed CONSTRUCTION without formulas and calculations)

скоростной крой итальянская методика_ вы
скоростной крой.JPG


  • Master of Clothing Design with a degree in Design (Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts)

  • Bachelor's degree in Art (Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts)


  • Clothing designer, fashion designer, technologist at TM "True Star"

  • Specialist in making soft toys and Waldorf dolls

  • Mentor and member of the jury of the International competition of young designers New Fashion Zone.


  Development and holding of master classes:

  • Tailoring of room slippers "Family Look"

  • Tailoring of soft toys "New Year's mascot"

школа дизайнерів курси шиття тайлор скул.jpg

Alexandra TARANENKO  

course teacher:

  • "Underwear & Knitwear" (basic course for beginners); 

  • "Fundamentals of Luneville embroidery"

  • "Watercolor technique of couture Italian embroidery"

  • "Couture decor"

  •   "Classic CORSET" 

  • "Origami from fabrics & a method of a pin"

  • "Silk floristics - European and Japanese technology"

  • "Hats"

шлыпы курсы киев.jpg
итальянская вшивка кутюрный метод декора мастер-классы Киев .jpg


  • Kherson State Pedagogical Institute

  • School "ALTA MODA" (Rome / Italy)

  • ​​ Eve Anders Art Laboratory (Level II)

  • ​​ "PINO CRASSO" Ricami Alta Moda (Milan / Italy)

  • "Intensive" of ricamo a crochet (Italy)


  • 18 years of work in the field of design, modeling, development and tailoring of underwear and knitwear

  • Development of patterns and models of underwear for Ukrainian designers and TM

  • Mentor and member of the jury of the International competition of young designers New Fashion Zone

Люневильская вышивка_курсы_Киев.jpg
люневильская вышивка.jpg
вышивка люневиль.JPG
вышивка люневиль диплом.JPG
вышивка крючком.JPG
цветы из ткани.JPG

Olesya Kruglik


course teacher:

  • "Children's Clothing"

  • "Outerwear"

  •   "Easy START"  basic women's wardrobe,

  • "Fashion & Sports" (knitwear)

  • "Magic Design" speed CONSTRUCTION without formulas and calculations

  • "CORSET" (4 types) 

  • "Sewing bags"


Kyiv State University of Civil Engineering and Architecture


Center for postgraduate education

- course "Interior Design"

  Festo - AVK Estimation Course

Perspective Training Center - 3D Max Course


ArchiCad and AutoCad Computer Design Course

Success Training Center

- course "Computer Design"; "3D modeling"

Officers' Houses - Women's Clothing Cutter Course

course "Design, modeling and sewing of outerwear"

Course of couture embroidery Luneville crochet

Course "Design, modeling and sewing of underwear"

Bag sewing course

Курс_Классический КОРСЕТ.JPG
Фриз Марина.jpg


  • Zhytomyr Sewing School, specialization "Seamstress";

  • Kyiv National University of Technology and Design (KNUTD), specialization "Technological Engineer".


Author's course Angela Address "Designing, modeling and sewing a jacket in the style of Chanel"


Author's courses Paukshte Irina:

  • "Designing, modeling and sewing coats"

  • "Design, modeling and sewing of waist products: skirts and pants"


Author's courses by Irina Ward

  • "Design, modeling and sewing bomber"

  • "Design, modeling and sewing of anthers"

  • "Building a drawing on a complex figure"


Author's course of Olga Petrova "Modern technologies of processing of details of products"

Course "Design, modeling and sewing of underwear"

Marina Freese  


course teacher:

  • "Easy START" - a basic women's wardrobe

  • "Fashion & Sports" (knitwear)

  • "Outerwear",

  • "MASTER +"

  • "Chanel style jacket"

Фриз Марина Бурда Мода.JPG
Тайлор Скул курсы шитья Журнал БУРДА 4.2021.JPG
курсы кроя и шитя киев журнал Бурда.jpg



course teacher:

  • "Easy START" basic women's wardrobe

  • Japanese Modeling Magic  

     Japanese method of creating unusual shapes

  • "Sustainable fashion" course is devoted to the issues and prospects of sustainable development in the fashion industry

Школа Портных Викладачі.jpg
  • fashion designer

  • fashion designer / technologist

  • expert in assessing the quality of textile materials and products

  • employee of the research laboratory, is engaged in research of properties of textile materials and products on indicators of quality and safety.

Наталья Гаврусенко Киев Школа Портных ку




  • Received a patent of Ukraine for a useful model "Rehabilitation sports suit for people with spinal injuries (spinal cord injuries)." Continues to develop new types of clothing.



  • She won the nomination "For significant contribution to the development of the Ukrainian fashion industry" @Ukrainian Fashion Industry Awards. This award is given for professional and creative achievements in the field of fashion, as well as for contribution to the development of the fashion industry in Ukraine.


  • Kyiv National University of Technology and Design

Direction - Technologies of light industry Qualification - Technologist


  • Kyiv National University of Technology and Design

Direction - Fashion industry

Qualification - Expert in textile materials and products

Fashion Law.jpeg
Coursera LTQ65PU6JHG7.jpg
Оля Михалюк.JPG
Школа Портных.JPG
Ольга Михайлюк.JPG

Olga Mikhailyuk

course teacher:

  • "Easy START" - a basic women's wardrobe

  • "Outerwear"

  • "MASTER +" method of pinning & origami from fabrics

  • "Fashionable Palette" course on ways to decorate fabrics

курсі кроя и шитья для новичков киев.jpg


• Kyiv National University of Technology and Design

- artistic costume modeling


• Kyiv National University of Technology and Design

- modeling, design and decoration of products


  • Designer-designer,

  • Member of the Union of Designers of Ukraine.

  • Collaboration with design studios and creative workshops

  • Creative activity in the field of development and production of clothes, footwear, accessories and decorative textiles

  • Design of shoes and clothes for mass production

  • Individual design and manufacture of clothing, footwear, accessories and other products

  • Design and manufacture of decor for interiors, soft toys.

  • Collaboration with theater studios in the design and manufacture of stage costumes.

  • Design and production of costumes for television projects.

  • Development and manufacture of sportswear and dancewear.

Kira Tregubenko  


course teacher:

  • "Easy START" - a basic women's wardrobe

  • "Outerwear"

  • "MASTER +" method of pinning & origami from fabrics

  • "Inspiration" painting for beginners pastoral technique


  • Donetsk Vocational School

- tailor of men's, women's and children's clothing


  • Donetsk State Technical School of Technology and Design

- fashion designer


  • Luhansk State Academy of Culture and Arts

- Bachelor of Fine Arts

- artist, teacher of special disciplines


  • Lecturer at the Salvador Dali Institute of Art Modeling and Design



course teacher:

"Easy START"

basic women's wardrobe




  • Mykhailo Boichuk Kyiv State Academy of Decorative and Applied Arts and Design.  - Design


  • Advanced training courses in the following areas:

"Complex modeling";  "Outerwear"

"Underwear & Knitwear"  


  • 2017  Creating your own image - "Paper Princess" and participating in a fashion show of eco-collection of recycled clothing by French designer Isagus Toche, within the SDG ECOFORUM of the UN Global Compact in Ukraine

 Author and presenter of master classes in knitting.

пошиття пальто курси шиття києвJPG.JPG



​​ course teacher:

"The art of frivolity for beginners and pros"



  • National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. Igor Sikorsky »

  • NV Borysenko Art Studio "Batik"

Academic drawing and painting

  • MV Shapovalenko Art Studio

Academic drawing and painting

  • Since 2013 he has been teaching lace weaving according to the author's methods.

  • Author of courses "Frivolite for beginners" and "Such different threads".

  • Frivolite lace has been weaving professionally for over 9 years.

  • Develops and creates author's sketches of lace. The main direction - weaving jewelry.

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