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Basic course for beginners



Курсы кроя и шитья
Курсы кроя и шитья

Basic course for beginners "EASY START"

will suit you if  You want:

  • learn to sew, cut and independently implement all your creative ideas, creating clothes of your own design;

  • to give life to old but very favorite things;

  • to make repair and adjustment of any clothes, without resorting to services of studio;

  • sew a variety of things not only for themselves but also for others: relatives, friends, acquaintances, and later customers;

  • regularly update your wardrobe with stylish exclusive clothes! 

Курсы кроя и шитья
Курсы кроя и шитья


Module №1 "SKIRT"

  • Technology of manual, machine, ironing works;

  • Rules for removing measurements from the figure;

  • Calculation and construction of a drawing of a basis of a straight skirt;

  • Designing a skirt "sun", "half-sun", "bell";

  • Modeling of a skirt "year", a skirt with folds, wedges, frills, coquettes and  undercuts;

  • Methods of processing the bottom of the skirt, processing slots, features of sewing the skirt on the lining;

  • Features of a cut, tailoring of skirts from fabric in a cage, a strip and  pile fabrics;

  • Types of lightning and their extraction  in a skirt; 

  • Types of pockets and methods of their manufacture;

  • Tailoring skirts in full size.

Module №2  "TROUSERS"

  • Design of trousers, construction of the drawing of classical trousers;

  • Rules of cutting trousers, front and back halves of trousers,  features of processing of pockets at tailoring of trousers;

  • Processing of a pocket with an undercut barrel, peephole;

  • Processing of a slit pocket with a "leaf";

  • Modeling of different styles of trousers;

  • Design of shorts, breeches, "skirt-pants" models;

  • Types of pockets and methods of their manufacture;

  • Tailoring of fasteners found in trousers;

  • Various defects of trousers and methods of their elimination;

  • Tailoring of trousers of own design in full size.

Module №3  "DRESS"

  • Modeling of various shaped lines and draperies in dresses;

  • Designing a silhouette, straight semi-fitting, one-piece and cut (waist, chest or hips) dress;

  • Features of processing of sleeves;

  • Tailoring dresses of your own design in full size.

Module №4  "BLOUSE"

  • Building a blouse drawing.

  • Modeling of blouses, transfer of indentations, draperies, reliefs, types and forms of coquettes in blouses.

  • Processing of armholes and necks, processing of one-piece collars.

  • Construction of the drawing of the basic types and forms of vtachny collars.

  • Construction of a drawing of a single-stitched sleeve, modeling of sleeves.

  • Modeling of types of fasteners "shelves".

  • Construction of the drawing of collars for products with a fastener in front like "Apache" and  "shawl".

  • Types of processing of sleeves without cuffs.

  • Types of cuffs, methods of their processing and connection with a sleeve.

What will happen after taking the Easy Start course?

  • You will  SEW !!
  • Model and design skirts, pants, dresses and blouses.
  • Cut things of different styles.
  • Competently process all the elements that are found in tailoring.

And yet, you have to buy a spacious closet. You will need it for new (!) Fashionable things sewn by you.  + You will be able to continue your studies in any program you choose.

And we will give you a discount on training: for the second year - 5%, for the third - 10% and 15% - for the fourth year!

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