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Master classes

пошив дорожной подушки и очков для сна м
мастеркласс по шитью для новичков.jpg

Master class

on tailoring of a road pillow and a mask for a dream


Duration of the master class:

4-5 hours.

Cost: 350 hryvnias.

дорожная подушка маска для сна курсы шит
2 в 1 парео_пеньюар.jpg

Cost of participation in MK -  650 грн.

(The participant brings everything he needs) .

Duration of the master class:

6-7 hours.


MK on tailoring

"2 in 1 - pareo / peignoir"

What you need to have with you:

fabric (at width of 160 cm.) - 2 lengths of a product.

On average - 3 m.

иастнркласс по шитью парео_пеньюар.jpg
Курсы кроя и шитья школа портновского ма

MK on tailoring

knitted dress

What you need to have with you:

knitwear (at a width of 160 cm.) - 1 length of product + sleeve length. On average - 1.5 m.


Cost of participation in MK:

650 грн.

(the participant brings everything necessary);

850 грн.

(all inclusive).


Курсы кроя и шитья школа портновского ма
Курсы кроя и шитья школа портновского ма
Курсы кроя и шитья школа портновского ма

MK on tailoring of SARAFAN

What you need to have with you:

cotton (160 cm wide) from 3 = x to 6 meters, depending on the style.


Cost of participation in MK:

950 грн.  (the participant brings everything necessary);

1300 грн.  (all inclusive).


Fabric to order!


Курсы кроя и шитья Школа портновского ма

Master class on sewing a beach set "Bag & cosmetic bag"

Participation fee:

* 650 hryvnias (the participant brings everything necessary);

* UAH 850 The school provides everything you need: 2 types of fabric (for the base and lining of 0.50 m), a zipper for a cosmetic bag, a rope for handles - 2 m;

eyelets - 4 pcs. gold color).

Backpack sewing master class 

Participation fee:

* 650 hryvnias (the participant brings everything necessary);

* UAH 850 (everything necessary is provided by the school ).


Painting master class for  those  who has never drawn  but always dreamed of trying!

The cost of participation is UAH 450.

Master class

on patchwork  

(4 patchwork techniques + ottoman technique  "Le Bon-Bon")

"Cozy little things"

Participation fee: 45 0 UAH / participant

(The participant brings everything he needs).

COST - 650 UAH / participant

(* The cost of MK includes a special fabric  for soles for 2 pairs  slippers)

«Family Look»

Master class on sewing indoor slippers

"Men's briefs - boxers"

Master class on sewing men's shorts

Participation fee:

* 450 UAH / participant . (with his cloth)

*  600 UAH / participant .

(everything you need  provided by the school)

Master class


Volumetric letters are made of different sizes and from different materials. After visiting our master class  you will learn to sew three-dimensional letters from fabric with your own hands. You can sew both individual characters and whole words, such as "love", "family", "children", "joy", "happiness",

as well as names. The choice is yours!

Fabric letters will keep your hands warm and bring good luck to their owner.


Duration of the master class -   6 hours.


The cost is UAH 500.

* Must have (for 1 participant):

fabric  1 meter,  hallofiber in 2 letters

size 45 cm x 30 cm, threads in the tone of the fabric.

Attention, important point!


How to choose a fabric for soft letters?


It all depends on the purpose of the letter:

  • Cotton, linen, knitwear are suitable for children's toys, they are easy to erase and do not lose their shape if it is constantly crumpled. Dense flannel fabric and knitwear look good.

  • For interior letters take a dense fabric: drape, corduroy, felt, plush, velor.

  • If the letters are small, you can use rags of different materials, which have any craftswoman.  

     The material can be taken by anyone, to your taste and imagination. But it is best to choose a plain fabric or with a small pattern. Although with a large drawing can get an interesting design.

     Do not use translucent material - the filler will be visible when stuffing. The fabric should be tightly woven to make the pillow neat. Also, do not take material that spills heavily on the slices.

     Too smooth fabric is also not suitable. If you are new to this business, it will slip in your hands and prevent you from sewing neatly.

     And the last: if the fabric is very soft, stretches a lot (for example, knitwear), you need a lining of dense fabric (interlining).

    What can they be used for?

     The letters can be placed on a shelf, hung on the wall, or even placed on the floor if their size allows. Letters can be used as a decorative element to decorate weddings and parties; like pillows; as an educational toy for the youngest children.

     You can start with the child's name, and then sew the whole alphabet. The child will grow up  and will gladly compose syllables and whole words. Toddlers like toys that are nice to hold in their handles and carry with them.

What you need to have with you:

knitwear (160 cm wide): 

on trousers - 1 length of a product; 

on a t-shirt - 1 length of a product + length of a sleeve. 

* On average - 1.5 m.


Cost of participation in MK:

800 грн.  (the participant brings everything necessary);

1200 грн.  (all inclusive).


"Favorite style"

Tailoring master class  knitted suit

(shorts / pants + t-shirt / sweatshirt)

цветы из шелка.jpg

The cost of participation  - 950 hryvnias.

(everything necessary is provided by the school)

▶20 июля (в субботу) - мастер - класс по

Master class "Flowers from fabric"

шелковая флористика декор курсы киев.jpg
мастер-класс по шелковой флористике в яп

Fabric flowers are beautiful!

They delight, delight and inspire all year round.  Such flowers will not dry out, will not lose a look at the most inopportune moment. They can decorate hair, clothes and interior. Fabric flowers are a real masterpiece of needlework.


"Button - Queen of Clothes"


At MK you will learn to make original buttons from epoxy resin and polymer clay.

* Based on a photo, fabric or drawing, you can make buttons of different shapes, colors, with a variety of images and patterns, everyone can, the main desire and imagination and inspiration!

COST - 350 UAH / participant .

Master class on sewing a set: HAT + SNUD

450 UAH / participant

Come with a cloth,

leave with the ready SET!

What to take with you?

1. Fabric - 1 m (with a width of 160 cm)

2. Threads (fabric color).

3. if desired, elements for decoration (buttons, zippers, ribbons, lace, flowers made of fabric, etc.)


The fabric can be selected and ordered by following the link:

When paying for an order on a Privatbank card, the fabric you choose will be waiting for you at school.

   SNUD is a universal fashionable, stylish and comfortable accessory.

   Snood or snood scarf, from the Scottish "ribbon", "bandage" is a scarf-ring. A long knitted fabric in the form of a scarf, the edges of which are sewn together. As a result, when worn, this ring is doubled  wraps around the neck and unfolds with a beautiful roller.

    If the width of the scarf is enough to, if necessary, throw it on the head like a hood, then snood simultaneously serves as a hat and scarf.

    Scarf-snood can be of different sizes and widths and lengths, it all depends on the fabric and your desire. 

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