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Tailors School in Faces

Who are our students / graduates?


Why did they choose #TailorsSchool, and what did it give them?


  HERE we will tell about our students and graduates who at the end of our courses were able to "expand horizons" - the range of their services, decided  launch your own projects, open brands and studios or, and even dared to change your profession and your life!


⭐About those who took risks and succeeded!  


Read, watch, be inspired, take an example! And,  dare!


Natalia Arefva

⭐️  Natalia came to Tailors School for a course    "Underwear & Knitwear" to learn to sew for yourself and your daughter.

At the beginning of her training, she had no plans to create her own brand.  

But, life has ordered differently)))  😉  

After graduating from the course, Natalia founded the handmade lingerie brand "Milady"   

ТМ Нижнего Белья Киев.jpg

Her products have their own handwriting.

This is linen  👙 "with character"!

📌 Swimwear, underwear and pajamas of the highest quality by individual standards from  arefeva_natali_lingerie ❤ can be ordered   

☎️  Viber (067) 706-31-25

Наталья Арефьева.jpg
нижнего белья ручной работы «Миледи» .jp
нижнего белья ручной работы «Миледи» .jp
#arefeva_natali_lingeri .jpg
arefeva_natali_lingerie .jpg
arefeva_natali_lingerie .jpg

Love Vinogrodskaya


At our school, Luba completed two courses "Easy START" and "Outerwear".  Both courses 2 times)))

Already during the training it was clear that Lyuba has her own "handwriting". This was manifested in absolutely everything from the choice of models and fabrics to the selection of thread color!


Now Lyuba has started to create "her fashion story"!


So, if you want to have a "thing with temper" in your wardrobe, write to Luba! 

Надежда Шкурникова .jpg

"Probably me bы It would be boring, bы If not for me vstretylas zhyznennom WAYS supershkola ❤« Tailors School ».


Everything is fine in this school! From the inconspicuous majestic Latin greeting "SALVE" (translated as "Hello") over the front door of a wonderful historic house, which houses a sewing school on the ground floor, to the "lounge area", which always smells of fragrant coffee and delicious cookies.

Nadezhda Shkurnikova

😉 Nadezhda decided to write this post for the #TailorsSchool in Faces column herself!

So, meet the new heroine and #Pr Pride of the School student who has completed 4 courses, and as she claims - this is not the end! Nadezhda Shkurnikova is an ideal wife and supermoms of two charming daughters.

😉 Этот пост для рубрики #TailorsSchool
Tailors School.jpg

And it all started that way.

I have been embroidering for a long time. Many of you know that this is an expensive hobby that brings nothing but quiet pleasure. So it was with me, until I saw a set of courses "Fundamentals of Luneville embroidery."

The course was led by Alexandra Taranenko - the queen of beads and lace. (Alexandra leads 4 more courses, including a course for beginners "Underwear & Knitwear"). But, back to embroidery! Luneville embroidery is not just embroidery, it is embroidery with a capital letter. How many techniques, secrets and subtleties, complex elements and "knots" are in it - this is the whole world. And without all this knowledge and skills, it is impossible to make a "naked couture dress". At me, for example, only from the name of an ant. And the view is simply mesmerizing. The most wonderful thing is that you don't just want to look at this embroidery, you want to stroke and touch it. Shiny stones have a hypnotic effect on men… And now his hand involuntarily reaches for the most beautiful place on your dress ... And you're like "Marry first, then touch." And all, consider married) Well, this is for the young)) And we, serious ladies, go further.

The director of the school Irina is a mega-energetic young lady, whose winged expressions can be quoted "a la Faina Ranevskaya". What is the only thing (secretly my favorite) "People need to talk" By the way, this slogan is applicable to all spheres of life - and to your husband, and to children, and all other people around you.


Teachers at this school are a GIFT OF HEAVEN!

This is a real constellation of amazingly creative, multifaceted and super-professional teachers!

Everyone knows what a torment it is to find a good teacher, at any age !!!! So - here Irina did everything for you. Each of the eight teachers is worth their weight in gold. You come there with joy, with tender longing you wait for a new meeting and you can't finish going to courses, because suddenly you understand - you need EVERYTHING! And it is completely unclear how I used to live without it !! ??

Tailors School.jpg
Вышивка люневильским крючком Киев.jpg
Тайлорс скул Диплом.jpg

Having mastered couture embroidery, I continued my studies at the author's course of Antonina Baranova on sewing knitwear "Fashion & Sports". Now I can sew absolutely EVERYTHING from knitwear)). The whole family in new pajamas, T-shirts, home pants and sports dresses.


In general, after "passing" the jersey, I smoothly switched to the course of cutting and sewing women's basic wardrobe "Easy Start" under the sensitive guidance of Kira Tregubenko. The perfect sheath dress, the perfect pants, your perfect pencil skirt. This is WOW!


Do you think that's all?


Of course not! Then there was Alexandra Taranenko's author's course "Classic two-layer corset". I will write a separate post about this!

Oh yes! And both my daughters also know how to sew! They mastered the basics of sewing under the sensitive guidance of school teacher Anna Glushchenko.

So, thanks to Tailors School, I have reached a new level. My precious hobby has become a high-paying favorite!

⭐️I embroider to order with beads, pearls, rhinestones, sequins, canitelna, soutache thread on any fabric, including the Euronet. 👉I know how to embroider with Luneville crochet in the technique of zardozi and in the technique of the Milan school.

Dreams come true if ACT!

To be continued!

вішивка на заказ.jpg
дюневильская вішивка курсі киев.jpg

Alla Subbotovskaya

Алла Субботовская.jpeg
нижнее белье ручной работі.jpeg

At Tailors School, Alla took two courses    "Easy Start" by Anna Glushchenko and "Underwear & Knitwear" by Alexandra Taranenko.


According to Alla, before coming to school, she did not know how to sew at all, and never thought that sewing would become her favorite hobby, which also brings money. And if someone told her that she would create her own lingerie brand, she would not believe it!


But, life is a "thing" amazing!  


For a year now, Alla has been successfully developing her Intiamo Lingerie lingerie brand.


@Intiamo_lingerie - brand # Underwear from the category "Luxury Lingerie" (luxury lingerie).


Brand philosophy: Harmony of tenderness and seduction. (Harmony, tenderness and seduction).

нижнее белье курсы кроя и шитья.jpeg
курсы пошива шитья.jpeg

Natalia Dmitrieva

Дизайн студии Натальи Дмитриевой.jpg

Natalia brought her love of embroidery to Tailors School.

The first course she completed was the Basics of Luneville Embroidery course, and the second course was Couture Decor.  the third - "Silk floristics" (flowers from fabric in the European and Japanese techniques).


Embroidery and flowers made of fabric have always inspired Natalia, and according to her, act on her as psychotherapy sessions.

В школу «Tailors School», Наталью привел

Natalia has a higher profile PORTNOV education!

With her dissertation (a collection with a lot of beadwork), Natalia took third place in the competition "Pechersk Chestnuts". Then there was the "Crystal Silhouette" contest, in which the head of the jury was fashion historian Alexander Vasiliev. In the nomination "Prêt-à-porter", Natalia presented dresses decorated with organza flowers, and took 1st place.


Individuality, elegance, impeccable workmanship, sophistication and a lot of handicrafts - the calling card of products that are " born "

in "Natalia Dmitrieva's Studio Design".

Индивидуальность, элегантность, безупреч
Индивидуальность, элегантность, безупреч
Индивидуальность, элегантность, безупреч


Marianne has two profile PORTNOVA formations and, having decided to "expand horizons",   purposefully sought professional underwear sewing courses.


And as Marianne admitted to us, after the test lesson, this task was not easy!

Upon completion of the course "Underwear & Knitwear" at  Alexandra Taranenko, Mariana launched her own brand of underwear handmade TM "Beme_lingerie".

Нижнее белье.jpg
Курсы пошива нижнего белья TailorsSchool
Нижнее белье набор невесты под заказ.jpg

Business card "Beme_lingerie" - impeccable workmanship and quality of materials, elegance and femininity of the model range.


The products reflect the tenderness and sensuality of Mariana.

It is possible to make the order    +38 (096) 695-67-14

Нижнее белье курсы шитья киев.jpg
Фриз Марина.jpg

Marina Frieze

✂ Marina tailor with 15 years of experience. At one time she graduated from a sewing school, KNUTD University, as well as courses in tailoring and modeling.

One of her areas of interest was tailoring of women's underwear, so she came to "Tailors School" for the course "Underwear & Knitwear"!

курсы пошива нижнего белья киев.jpg

Here is what Marina told us:

“Since I am not a newcomer to the sewing business, I selected long and careful underwear sewing courses. She chose Tailors School, and never regretted it! Alexandra Taranenko, a wonderful teacher and master of her craft, taught me all the skills and secrets. For which I am very grateful to her. "

Ателье Марины Фриз.jpg
Ателье Фриз Марины.jpg

Marina's motto: "You can't forbid sewing beautifully!"


At home she has her own workshop, where she sews products to order, making her clients beautiful, elegant and happy.

But Marina is not going to stop there! She plans to open her own tailoring school, as she wants to share her experience with those who dream of learning to sew.

фриз марина ателье.jpg

Irina Velikanova

Ирина Великанова.jpg

In our school Irina was trained at SEVEN  courses !!!

But, about everything in order))


Since childhood, Ira is fond of sewing toys. It all started in the second grade with the "Soft Toy" circle.  Then there were samples of tailoring in magazines, first for themselves and eventually for their children.

игрушки ручной работы Ирина Великанова.j

At some point, there was a desire to learn to sew comfortable underwear - so Irina got into the "Tailors School" for a course to Alexander Taranenko.


After completing the course "Underwear & Knitwear", Ira decided to "go further"!

In two years, Irina completed six more courses: "Fundamentals of Luneville Embroidery",

"Easy Start",

"Clothes for Pets",  


"Classic CORSET",

The Art of Frivolite.


In addition, Irina conducted master classes in tailoring at Tailors School.

Диплом Школа Портных Киев.jpg

Irina is a unique specialist - "Teddist".

She creates teddy bears and their friends, as well as clothes and accessories for them, skillfully combining  all the knowledge gained in our courses. These are amazing "plush" toys for adults, in a single copy, made exclusively by hand.

You can see and order Irina's "creations"  on her social media pages.

мастер-класс по пошиву мягкой игрушки ки
Мишки Тедди Ирины Великановой.jpg
курсы фриволите.jpg
мишки тедди ира великанова.jpg
мишки тедди мини.jpg
мишки тедди на заказ.jpg
игрушки ручной работы мишки тедди.jpg
тидди мишки киев мини.jpg
мишки тедди.jpg
одежда для мишек тедди .jpg

To be continued! 😉

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